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July 3, 2011

Preparing for interview with Grace Nell Hathorn

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This week, I will be visiting family in Prentiss, MS and will have the opportunity to speak with my Aunt Nell. She is not really an aunt, but the widow of my 2nd cousin, Toxey Hathorn. I remember her from my childhood as a beautiful woman. She was short and slender and had the most beautiful black, black hair that was always wound into a bun at the nape of her neck. She and Toxey had 13 children.
I am trying to find the most important questions to ask her and have come up with the list below. I know my Dad and my brother will there telling me to leave her alone so I won’t have much time!

1.) What were the names of your parents?
2.) Where did you live?
3.) Where were you and Toxey married? (I have a lot of marriage records, but I really don’t know if anyone was married in a church or if you just went to the JP.)
4.) Do you remember Thelma’s (my grandma) first husband, Eddie Johnson?
5.) What happened to him?
6.) Do you remember Papa’s (my great-grandfather) brothers and sisters? (I have my list to confirm with her. Estus Hathorn is the unknown. I remember his son, Buster, was called a cousin. However, I don’t know if Estus was a brother or a cousin himself.)
7.) Do you remember Bill and Harriet Hathorn? (my 2nd great-grandparents)
8.) What did they look like?
9.) Do you remember John and Anna Holloway? (I believe we are related to the Holloway family, but my family says no)
10.) Why were they living with Bill and Harriet?

I’m very excited about my trip and will give a follow-up and pictures from the field!



  1. I hope all goes well with the Aunt Nell interview. Looking forward to your sharing from the field..

    Comment by LindaRe — July 3, 2011 @ 3:35 pm |Reply

  2. I am excited about your interview!!!! Good luck & I hope you uncover a big big find.

    Comment by msualumni — July 6, 2011 @ 1:31 am |Reply

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