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November 29, 2011

The land records of Isaac Hathorn

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I am up way past my bedtime this evening measuring the size of rock candy.  It’s a science fair project for my procrastinating daughter.  While I was waiting for the alarm to go off to signal the final measuring of the evening, I decided to input some information about Isaac Hathorn.  Isaac is my 3rd great grandfather, the husband of Mahala.

Isaac Hathorn is listed as the owner of the following plots of land:

  •  4     7N         19W       ST STEPHENS   41.96 acres signed on 11/01/1897
  • 14    7N         18W       ST STEPHENS   80 acres signed on 6/16/1906
  • 14    7N         18W       ST STEPHENS   40 acres signed on 05/10/1881 (pictured)
  • 12    7N         18W       ST STEPHENS   40.17 acres signed on 8/12/1901  

I have no idea what any of that means except that at some point the Hathorns owned some land!  I discovered something else that I need to study and make a note to ask my Hathorn cousins if anyone lives on this land today.  Could it have been where the “old house” was?  The “old house” was a place referred to by my dad when he tells us about courting my mother.  Image


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