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December 29, 2010

2011 Research Goals – Mahala

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Mahala (Haley) HATHORN caught my attention early in my research. She is my 3rd great-grandmother listed in a tiny community of other freed slaves named HATHORN living in Holliday Creek, Covington County, MS. Mahala is one of the three women enumerated as mulatto HATHORNs in the 1870 Census. My goal is to complete her story.

What I have:
Census records (1870 – 1920) She is shown as being married to Isaac HATHORN. She is shown as having had 5 children (Zana, Ann, LD?, William and Matilda). In the 1900 census, the children are out of the house and there are 2 grandchildren (Anna HOLLOWAY and John HOLLOWAY) living with Isaac and Mahala. In the 1920 census, Mahala is living with John HOLLOWAY and his wife Mabelle WHITE.

Freedman’s Bureau Labor Contract (June 2, 1865) The labor contract is for 6 months of work for N.C. HATHORN in exchange for food of “good and sufficient quality”, shelter, necessary medical care and an allotment of land for gardening purposes. The group of laborers are Dorry?, Mahala, Lucy, Calvin, Jane Racheal, Bertro and Ann. Dependents are Sanco, Henry, Willis, Jack and Easter. (Lucy and Jane are the two other mulatto women listed in the 1870 census in the Holliday Creek community).

What I may have:
Death certificate – I found a 1924 death certificate for Myhalia HATHORN in Jefferson Davis County, MS. The name and the place of death are in line with the known information about Mahala. However, her age is listed as 52. Mahala would have been in her 80s at the time! The informant is listed as William HATHORN. William is my 2nd great grandfather. The burial is Pleasant Grove Church. A trip to Prentiss, MS is in order.

Next Step:
Cluster genealogy – I will begin researching the plantation owning HATHORNs and the others listed on the labor contract.

Deadline: – December 1, 2011

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