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April 7, 2010

The Cooperative Creamery, State College, MS

I was very excited to receive my grandfather’s Application for a Social Security Number a few days ago.  It listed his mother, Rose Sampson, and his father, John Lacy Hill.  It also listed his current employer (1937) as the Cooperative Creamery Association of State College, MS.

I asked my dad if he knew anything about the Creamery.  He told me that the Creamery made milk products from the milk of local dairy farms.  He also said that his dad worked at the creamery until his retirement in the mid 70s.  My dad hadn’t realized that his father had been working there since at least 1937!

My dad remembers that his father would load and unload milk trucks and unload pallets of ingredients. His most important job was starting up a large machine that acted as the churn for cheese.

There were times when no one else could get the machine to start and there would be a knock on the door asking L.C. to come to work a little early that morning.  If that knock came on a Monday there would be a familiar yell down the hall, “Miss Mattie, bring me a onion”  L.C. was a hard drinking man on his weekends so he needed to sleep late on Mondays.  According to my dad, my grandfather would eat a whole onion while walking the five miles to the Creamery and work the rest the day.

I have been searching for information or an actual photo of the The Creamery Building, but have had no luck so far.  If anyone has an ideas, I would love to hear them.


March 21, 2010

Surname Saturday

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How fitting that on Surname Saturday, I would receive new surnames to aid in my searches.

I received a copy of my great-grandfather’s social security application today.  It confirmed my suspicion from the 1880 and 1900 census that Arthur Hathorn, my great grandfather, was the son of William and Harriet Hathorn.  The application has also provided me with Harriet’s maiden name – Loflin.  I was hoping for this piece of information.

I received a call from my dad this morning.  He was very excited to have found the obituary of his father’s  last sister.  However, we were both confused about what we thought we knew of the family.  My grandfather, L C Hill, and my great-uncle, John Hill, are both listed as brothers who preceded my great-aunt in death.  Daddy and I knew this.  To cherish her memory are William Harris (brother) and Betty Jean Harris (sister) of South Carolina.  Daddy and I were both floored.  There had never been any mention of any other siblings in the Hill family.  We will be sorting this out in my visit to Mississippi shortly.

To Date I am researching the following names

  1. Hathorn – Covington County, Lawrence County, Jefferson Davis County (MS)
  2. Griffith, Griffin – Covington County, Lawrence County, Jefferson Davis County (MS)
  3. Loflin – Covington County, Lawrence County, Jefferson Davis County (MS)
  4. Graves – Covington County, Lawrence County, Jefferson Davis County (MS)
  5. Hill – Oktibehha County (MS)
  6. Wright -Oktibehha County (MS)

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