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May 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History – Secrets

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What secret shall I divulge? A good one is the non-secret that I am an ornithophobe. I am afraid of birds.

I blame the television show, “Little House on the Prairie”. In an episode, Laura finds a bird’s nest and gets to watch baby birds hatch. I thought this was a good idea. So the next day, I climbed a tree and found a nest. The mother bird found me and pecked and scratched the top of my head repeatedly. As a mother, I understand. As a child and adult, I am still terrified.

The degrees of ornithophobia vary greatly. I have a fairly mild form. I can talk about birds and watch birds in movies and on television. I can walk outside and not give much attention to them. It is the sound of flapping wings and the close proximity of them that gets to me. If I’m sitting and bird perches near me then my heart races and I have to move immediately.

My friends and family always make a point of telling me their “close encounters with birds” stories. A few days, ago my husband texted me with “You wouldn’t have been able to get into the car today because a bird was on top!” He was correct. I wouldn’t have been able to get into the car with a bird on top.

I tell my girls that mommy is just being silly and refrain from pulling them away from our neighbor’s parakeet’s cage. After all, one ornithophobe per family unit is enough.


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